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Joel Osteen encourages congregation


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The Love of The Father

Jonathan Osteen

One of the biggest lies we allow ourselves to believe is that God is indifferent towards us. The truth is God values you above all else! If something is important to you then it is important to God, no matter how small of a detail it is.

Stay Together

Jeremy Marrone

God has called His people to be unified through the bond of peace. It is His desire that we would use the gifts He has given us to love and serve others.

There’s Something In The Water

John Gray

Baptism is a life-changing step in the life of a believer. Jesus set the example and the importance of this decision when he was baptized by John.

There Is More For Me

Nick Nilson

I wonder how many of us live our lives on the bare minimum? God wants to do so much more in our lives. 2 Kings 4:6 gives us a great perspective of the heart of God and how he works. God wants us to have a heart of expectancy. God wants to do more than we can ever think or imagine (Romans 5:3). Victory is stored up for the righteous. May we not get to heaven and see our storage unit of all the things God wanted to pour out into our lives and see it still on the shelf. Faith moves God to act.


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