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Joel Osteen encourages congregation


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Taking Care of Yourself

Joel Osteen

It is crucial for us to understand the importance of maintaining a balanced life. We must learn how to identify when it’s time to rest, spend some time alone with God, enjoy time with our family or even saying “no” to a busy schedule. Taking care of ourselves will help us fulfill our God given destiny.

Dare to Pray Boldly

Joel Osteen

Bold prayers get God’s attention, bold prayers cause angels to go to work, bold prayers will open doors you could never open on your own, bold prayers turn impossible situations around. When you pray boldly you are releasing your faith to God and He will answer it in a powerful way.

God giving desires

Joel Osteen

Sometimes we might feel we have lost our chance to serve God, but the truth is that He’s always working in us. You can trust your desires when you keep honoring Him. This will lead you to serve Him and accomplish your destiny.

Reverse The Order

Joel Osteen

There will be moments in life where we will look around and see the success of others and think we’re stuck, but don’t believe those lies and stay faithful. Get ready because a reversal is coming, God is going to shift things in your favor, health, promotion and blessings that will catapult you to your destiny.


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