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Joel Osteen encourages congregation


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Windows of Grace

Joel Osteen

There are some moments when God gives us special grace to do something new. It's a temporary window of opportunity that can take you to places you couldn't go on your own. Don't put off what you know God is asking you to do. This is your moment. As you step out in faith, you're going to see His favor like never before!

God Doesn't Need A Lot To Do A Lot

Nick Nilson

We serve the God of Creation. He can make something from nothing. Your resources, talent, experience, or education may seem small, but it can become much in the hands of God. Put yourself in God's hands and He will take you places you could not go on your own.

2 Timothy Chapter 2

Erik Luchetta

Through Paul’s encouragement to Timothy, we learn of the importance of using your gifts to the fullest and trusting God as you pursue your calling. Written while Paul was in prison, 2 Timothy is his final and most personal letter.

Season Finale

John Gray

Your life is a story that will end in victory. No matter what you’ve been through this season, God is about to shift things in your favor. You’re going to move to the next level better off than you were before. It’s time to move forward and let God get the glory!


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