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Joel Osteen encourages congregation


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The Weight of Glory

Joel Osteen

God is preparing you to handle the extra weight that comes with new levels of favor. He is getting you ready so that the blessings He has in store for you do not become more than you can carry.

Invisible To The Enemy

Joel Osteen

God has put you in a safe place! When trouble comes, you don't have to be afraid because God has you in a secret place that is invisible to the enemy.

Remember Who You Are

Joel Osteen

We all face challenges in life that seem too big to handle on our own. If you'll continue to honor God and be your best, even in difficult times, then God will deliver you!

Overflowing With Hope

Joel Osteen

When you overflow with hope, you're steadfast regardless of the circumstances around you. You are confident that God is still in control and working things together for your good.


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