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A Thousand Times More

Joel Osteen

One touch from God can catapult you further than you've imagines. Receive this in your spirit: Because you are obedient, God is making you 1,000 times more. You don't have to figure out how, all you have to do is believe.

Keep Digging

Joel Osteen

Keep believing, keep expecting, keep stretching, keep taking steps of faith. That closed door isn’t the enemy. It’s God protecting you from settling for less than your full destiny. God will never let something be taken away unless He has something greater coming. Keep moving forward in faith.

Turn off the flow

Joel Osteen

Use your words to bless people, not to curse them. The mercy you show others is the mercy that’s going to be shown to you. Be trustworthy, be honorable, and quiet the gossip.

You Are Worthy

Joel Osteen

God loves you too much to let you live below who you were created to be. You are God’s masterpiece. You have a purpose to fulfill. You are worthy not because of what you did, but because of what Jesus did. Get in agreement with what God says about you.

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