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Joel Osteen encourages congregation


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Joel Osteen

There will be moments in life where people will try to underestimate you, to look down on you, but don’t let the way they treat you determine your value. God will take everything you think is not enough and turn it in more than enough.

Your Reputation is in God’s Hands

Joel Osteen

In life, there will be people that will try to discredit us and talk behind our back. It’s time for you to close your ears to any criticism and focus in your Godly assignment. Stop trying to defend yourself, your reputation in God’s hands.

Receive When You Believe

Joel Osteen

Prayer becomes more powerful and effective when we receive by faith what we are believing for. Quit playing in your mind those negative thoughts, stir up your faith and declare God’s promises over your life. Healing, promotion and blessing are already set for you!

Listening to the Whisper

Joel Osteen

There will be moments in our lives where the voice of God will be like a whisper, like a subtle instruction deep inside of us. The Holy Spirit will use this impression to guide us, bless us and help accomplish our God given destiny.


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