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I am Forgiven

| by Lakewood Church

Friday, March 23, 2018
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No matter where you are in life, what problems you may struggle with, no matter what you have done in the past, Jesus is able to wipe the slate clean. You can experience that same power of the Resurrection—the power to be forgiven.

Maybe there are things in your past that you think can't be forgiven. Or maybe you feel guilt for some past failure, Friend, I can tell you today, no mistake is too much for the mercy of God. 

God is not waiting for you to become a better person before He forgives you. Jesus paid the ultimate price on the cross for all our sins. The result of this unconditional love and forgiveness is that we no longer have to live under the condemnation and guilt of sin. We can live the abundant life that Jesus talked about—a life full of hope and purpose!

What's happened in your past is not nearly as important as what is in your future. Where you're going is much more significant than where you've been. But if you stay focused on the past, you'll get stuck where you are. This is the reason a lot of people don't have joy or enthusiasm for life. They're dragging around all of this negative baggage from the past. God did not create you to carry around all that baggage.

It is hard to let go of mistakes we've made and sins. But God wants us to do that because He knows the guilt and the condemnation will keep us from becoming who He has created us to be. If we don't forgive ourselves for mistakes we've made, we'll never experience the good life God has in store. Let it go and move forward in the life of blessing He has in store for you!

Just because you've made a mistake or failed in some way, God's plan for your life isn't canceled. Salvation and Christ's love is a gift. Can I encourage you this Easter to forgive yourself as Christ has forgiven you? Accept the powerful gift of forgiveness made possible through His gift on the cross. Be confident that God doesn't remember your past. You are free from condemnation through the blood of Jesus Christ.

Today is your day to let it all and open your heart to God's love and forgiveness. Jesus is alive—and He wants to live in and through you today. that is what Easter is all about. Today, you can have a new beginning. You are forgiven!