Join us tonight at 6:15pm for our marriage & premarital classes.

Saturday, Mar 24 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM | 3rd Floor - 3021 F
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Join us as we walk through the new book, "Hope for your Marriage," in a three month series in all of the Lakewood Marriage Classes. Get ready to experience God's greatest desires for you and your spouse.

About Marriage & Parenting

The Lakewood Marriage & Parenting Ministry is committed to investing hope & life in to every couple with life-changing resources that will strengthen and enrich their family.




Premarital Classes

Wed 6:30pm 3rd floor
Sat 6:00pm 3rd floor
Sun 12:45pm 3rd floor

Marriage Classes

Sat 6:00pm 3rd floor
Sun 10:15am 4th floor
Sun 12:45pm 3rd floor

Marriage Help

Sun 10:15am 3rd floor


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