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New Beginnings

We are so excited for you as you step into your New Beginning! This is the best decision of your life! We suggest the following next steps to help you grow in your relationship with Christ.

new beginnings class

We are so excited for your New Beginning! We’ve designed a 4-part online class to help you grow in your faith journey. Taught by some of our leadership team, these classes are designed to help you understand the next steps as a new believer. We consider you a part of our Lakewood family, and we want to continue to help you grow as you experience God’s best for you.

Find a lifegroup

You can connect and grow in our small groups that meet all over the Houston area throughout the week. For more information, visit our LifeGroups page or contact us at 713-491-1458,

28 Day devotional

We want to help you grow in your faith. Download your copy of this free devotional, you'll be inspired and encouraged.


For more information about New Beginnings, contact us 713-491-1178 or email