New Beginnings Discover Your New Life in Christ



¡Nos emociona saber que te estás adentrando hacia un nuevo comienzo! Has tomado la mejor decisión de tu vida y nos gustaría sugerirte que siguieras algunos pasos que te ayudarán a crecer en tu relación con Cristo.



new beginnings class

We are so excited for your New Beginning! We’ve designed a 4-part class to help you grow in your faith journey. Taught by some of our leadership team, this video series is designed to help you understand the next steps as a new believer. Whether you are local to Houston or a part of our online community, we consider you our Lakewood family, and we want to continue to help you grow as you experience God’s best for you.

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LifeGroups are a great way for you to find community and connection with your Lakewood family. They are small groups that meet throughout the week and are a great way for you to continue to grow in your faith. We have virtual groups and in-person groups.





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We want to help you grow in your faith. Download these free resources to get started. You will be encouraged and inspired.



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