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Unrehearsed Destiny

Craig and Samantha Johnson had it made. Two kids, a great job, a beautiful home and a solid plan for the future. Their dream was interrupted at least temporarily by the unplanned arrival of their third child, Connor. When Connor was two years old, something changed. He stopped talking, displayed behavioral problems and was no longer the cheerful, engaged little boy they had known. No one seemed to have any answers until the heartbreaking diagnosis was handed down. Autism.

The Johnsons accepted the diagnosis, but they refused to believe that their story was over, that the destiny God had planned for them had been destroyed. Faced with seemingly insurmountable odds, they redirected their sorrow and disappointment toward meeting Connor’s needs and ultimately using what they learned in the process to reach thousands more special needs children and watch their son impact millions of people around the world. Woven throughout the Johnsons’ story are important truths about how God's plan for our lives can sometimes take an unexpected turn - an unrehearsed destiny.

We have a choice, Craig writes, to wallow in despair or to leverage what we have learned for a greater purpose. In that sometimes uncomfortable process, we will find unspeakable fulfillment, unpredictable adventure, and an unshakeable faith in God s ability to use us for His glory.

Written with transparency and humor, Unrehearsed Destiny will inspire anyone, whether they have faced unexpected trials or are helping others navigate the waters of pain and disappointment. You will come away convinced that your best act is yet to be written.