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Hurricane Relief Update

| by Lakewood Church

Friday, May 18, 2018
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The Harvey relief effort is going strong. We are committed to helping as many people as possible. Our teams have completed twenty homes, and we currently have sixteen in progress. Five of those should be completed by the end of May. Thanks to the generous support of our donors, our teams are currently assessing twelve more homes for entry into our rebuild program.

Each home rebuilt is a life restored.  This month, our teams helped the Buckingham family get back into their home. They've been living in a hotel since Harvey flooded their home last August.

The Buckingham's have been married for twenty-five years, and have volunteered their time at Lakewood as prayer partners for the past fifteen years. In those years, they have never faced an emotional, spiritual and financial storm like Harvey. When floodwaters surged into their neighborhood, they watched their home of eighteen years be overtaken by floodwaters from the back of a rescue boat. It was a harrowing sight they'll never forget.

For the next two weeks, they were unable to reach their street, and a hotel became their new home. When their Lakewood ministry leader discovered their situation, our teams moved quickly to assess the damage. They went right to work gutting and removing the mold and damaged items. Lakewood also contributed to their immediate financial needs.

In the months that followed, our teams  put up new sheetrock and paint. We installed all new downstairs and kitchen flooring and replaced all the doors. Lakewood teams dressed their windows with new blinds for privacy and provided a new washer and dryer.

In April, a team helped with landscape maintenance and planted a beautiful tree that is visible from their kitchen window. The Buckingham's call it their hope tree. It represents God's hope and provision available through the storm. The family will be able to witness it for the rest of their lives.

Recalling the aid of their church family, Mrs. Buckingham said, "God dried our tears and bottled them up. One of the most significant things for me as a mother and a parent is the legacy that will be left for our children (ages 19 and 24). Our church family was there for us in our time of need when we really needed someone there to help us. 

It will be something that they will take with them for the remainder of their lives. Many times, people don't see that type of support from their church family."  

"Though we lost some very valuable things we cannot regain, I'm so thankful that our children are able to return to their home and the neighborhood where they grew up."

n a very dark time, God allowed Lakewood to be a beacon of light to the Buckingham family. "This has impacted our lives more than anyone will ever know. People say a lot of things, but one thing with Lakewood, if they say it, they're going to do it. And that we know for sure. We experienced it firsthand. There is no way we would have been anywhere near where we are in the rebuilding stage of our home had it not been for Lakewood. We will forever be grateful. I tell everyone!"

The Buckingham's are a remarkable family. As they move back into their home, the family will live on the second floor until new furniture is received.

If you would like to help complete their restoration process, please reach out to [email protected]. They are in need of furniture for the first floor, new fencing, and an outside paint job. Also, we have many upcoming Saturday service opportunities where you can help homeowners like the Buckingham's beautify their homes with landscaping and more tree planting. E-mail us for more information about how you can get involved.

HoUSton Rebuild Mission Trips

January 8 - January 12, 2018: Registration Closed
April 16 - April 20, 2018: Registration Closed

Calling all Greater Houston Area Residents! Your Neighbor Needs You.

Take a week staycation and serve in our mission field, Houston, to help rebuild homes damaged by Hurricane Harvey. You will join a team and together spend a week rebuilding homes and lives. Skilled volunteers are needed for sheetrock, taping, floating, and construction work, and anyone can help with painting, landscaping and more. 

This service opportunity is only for adults who live in the Greater Houston Area.

Transportation is available from Lakewood Church for volunteers that live a long distance from the rebuild location. Lunch, water and snacks will be provided. Daycare is not provided.


Shine Your Light

For I was hungry, and you fed me. I was thirsty, and you gave me a drink. I was a stranger, and you invited me into your home. I was naked, and you gave me clothing. I was sick, and you cared for me. I was in prison, and you visited me. Matthew 25:35-37 (NLT)

Lakewood Church encourages its members to share the love of Christ with the Houston community through volunteerism, evangelism, and ministry.


The Beacon Center

Homeless, not Hopeless

The Beacon Day Center provides hot meals, private shower and lavatory facilities, laundry services, and case management to people living on the streets of Houston. Volunteer opportunities include: greeting services, clothing center, food services, prayer, etc. Volunteers will meet the last Saturday each month from 10:30AM – 1:45PM. 1212 Prairie St, Houston, TX 77002.

Houston Food Bank

Packaging Food for Families in Need

Join our team as we package boxes of food to families in need every 3rd Saturday of each month. To sign-up call 713-491-1270.

Street Evangelism

Sharing the Gospel with Others

Join our team as we share the Gospel with others the 1st Saturday of each month. Location varies — apartments, downtown, parks and more. To sign-up please call 713-491-1270.


Make a mark on our city.

Every month the people of Lakewood impact Houston with a four hour Servolution event. Everybody is welcome. Sign-up online or after service at discover Lakewood on the selected dates for each event.

For more details or to sign-up for any of these opportunities, please email [email protected]


Help us impact the next generation

Come and make a difference in the lives of students of the Fifth Ward Community. Weekday time (1 hour / week) opportunities to serve in Elementary, Middle school and High school level. Minimum age to participate 18 years old. For more information email [email protected]woodchurch.com

Lakewood Church Hospital Ministry has volunteer opportunities to visit, encourage and assist patients and their families in various hospitals throughout the Greater Houston Area. To volunteer, please call Liza Valdez at 713-491-1112.



About Local Missions

Lakewood Church encourages its members to share the love of Christ with the Houston community through volunteerism, evangelism, and ministry. Regardless of your interests, spiritual gifts or talents, there is a place for you.

“This service that you perform is not only supplying the needs of God’s people but is also overflowing in many expressions of thanks to God.”
— (2 Corinthians 9:12, NIV) 


Email [email protected]