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Our Service Team Ministries (STM) provide many exciting and rewarding opportunities for you to grow spiritually and personally, serve others, and build valuable relationships through ministry.

Every weekend hundreds of members just like you are a part of Lakewood's dynamic volunteer ministries.  New opportunities are now available for you to serve!

Service Team Opportunities


The Greeters Ministry provides a warm welcome to all members and visitors before each worship service and Lakewood Church events.  Greeters are stationed throughout the lobbies and at Sanctuary entrances to offer smiles, handshakes/hugs, and general assistance.

First Impressions

The First Impressions team extends Lakewood's warm welcome outside of the church doors. With bright smiles, fun signs and cheerful hearts; this team is stationed near garages and entrances, serving as the first to offer our members and guests a sincere "welcome home."

Helping Hands Ministry

The Helping Hands Ministry provides volunteer support in several areas including: special events, mailroom activities, communion preparation, auditorium set-up for worship services, assistance to handicapped members and guests.

Hosts Ministry

The Hosts Ministry provides an "extra-mile" level of service to all members and visitors.  Hosts are stationed throughout the building to answer questions, provide assistance, and direct our members and guests by escorting them to their desired destinations.

Information Centers

The Information Center Ministry provides assistance and information to worshippers before and after services.  Information Center Volunteers are stationed at information booths in the lobbies and at Sanctuary entrances to answer questions, to give directions, and to distribute designated materials.

Prayer Partners

The Prayer Partners Ministry prays for the needs of the people during the worship services.  Prayer Partners are called upon during worship services to pray one-on-one with individuals and families.

Section Hosts

The Section Hosts Ministry meets and greets members and visitors before each worship service.  Section Hosts are assigned to specific sections of the sanctuary in order to build community with regular worshippers in their sections.

SMART (Sanctuary Medical Alert Response Team)

The SMART Team is composed of physicians, paramedics, nurses and allied health professionals who voluntarily provide appropriate first aid services to people who experience injuries or medical emergencies while attending Lakewood Church.

Spanish Translation

The Spanish Translation Ministry provides simultaneous translation to Spanish-speaking individuals (via headsets) during worship services and special events.

Traffic and Security Ministry

The Traffic and Security Ministry volunteers assist uniformed police officers with traffic in parking lots and surrounding streets before, during, and after worship services and specia events.  Volunteers also patrol and monitor the foyers and grounds during hte worship services.

Transportation Ministry

Transportation Ministry volunteers provide transportation to and from Lakewood worship services for Medical Center and area hospital patients and their family members.


The Ushers Ministry is responsible for helping to provide a welcoming and orderly environment during the worship services.  Ushers assist with seating, receiving, offerings, serving Communion, and responding to emergencies.

About Service Teams

Service Team Ministries provide a warm, friendly, caring, and comfortable experience for Lakewood attendees and guests during worship services and special events.  Exciting teams of volunteers impact thousands of lives and build lasting relationships by serving together on a weekly basis.


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STM has a comment box located at the South Loby Resource Center on the Lobby Level.  The box will be a way of keeping us up-to-date with your concerns and needs.  Let us know how your team is doing and what we can do to make STM even better.  We look forward to hearing from you!