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Funeral and Memorial Services

The Funeral Ministry offers compassion and assistance to bereaved families at their request by:

  • Providing a minister to officiate at the service
  • Offering suggestions for the order of service; and
  • Offering help and guidance through a grief recovery support group, for family members seeking understanding about the grief process

Comfort Ministry & GriefShare®

The Funeral & Comfort Ministry provides compassionate ministers to officiate and assist at funerals and comfort families who have lost a loved one. The ministry also provides a 13-week GriefShare® support class to help the grieving heal. GriefShare® meets every Tuesday night from 7-8:30pm. Journey Books available for purchase at the class. Contact 713-491-1143 or [email protected]


About the Funeral Ministry

The Comfort Ministry & GriefShare® help those who have lost a loved one.


Phone 713-491-1143
Email [email protected]

Resource Downloads

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Scriptures of Comfort