Connect and grow with Lakewood members who are at your same place in life.

Compass Bible Studies

Sundays 10:00–10:45am

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  All Adults

Women’s Bible Study  
All Adults





Sundays 12:45–1:30pm

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  All Adults  






Frequently Asked Questions

What is Compass?

These classes teach you valuable truths from the word of God in a small, friendly setting. They also help you make friendships with other Lakewood members who are at your same place in life, whether you are single or married, young or “seasoned.”

Why is it called Compass?

Because the Bible is our “compass” for life. It has all the principles we need to navigate life victoriously. Psalm 119:105 says, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”

What is the purpose of Compass?

The purpose of Compass is to:

  • Equip people with the word of God,
  • Engage them in meaningful relationships with others, and
  • Embrace them with the love of God.

Is there any fee for Compass?

There is no fee or registration for Compass. Just come and be blessed!

Can I start attending Compass at any time?

Yes. Compass classes do not have a start and stop date; they are on going. You can start attending at any time.

Where do my children go when I am in Compass?

Childcare is available for all Compass classes, except the 5:00–6:00pm Saturday time slot. Simply check your children in at the same place you check them in for the worship service and tell them your child will be staying for Compass and service. We request that you do not bring young children into your Compass class.

What is the secret to getting to Compass classes on time when the elevators are clogged?

Take the stairs. All Compass classes are held on the third floor, only one flight up from the main second-floor concourse. No matter where you exit the Sanctuary, there is a stairwell within short walking distance. The main stairwells are located:

  • Near the North Lobby restrooms
  • On the 59 (Southwest Freeway) side of Trailblazers
  • Inside the Bookstore

About Compass

Compass Bible Studies are designed to help believers grow and discover the Word of God while connecting with others in a small group setting.  Classes are the ideal place to grow in your walk with God and make new friends. Our Compass teachers make studying God’s word relevant and exciting. No matter what your age or marital status, there’s a class that’s right for you!

Start any time. No registration or fee. Childcare provided.


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