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Friday, August 10, 2018
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LifeGroups are a great opportunity to gather for connection and conversation in locations all over Houston. We believe that Christianity can be done in isolation but is best in community. This fall, get involved and experience a Lakewood LifeGroup. There are three ways to be a part: Leader, Host or Attendee! Leaders facilitate conversation and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for group attendees. Host open their home for the group meetings. Attendees are those who want to participate in these conversations and want to connect with others in their neighborhood. How would you like to be a part?

In August we need your help spreading the word about LifeGroups and put in a volunteer application if you'd like lead or host a LifeGroup! September will be training meetings for those hosting or leading. October will be weekly LifeGroup meetings in an area near you!

We hope you'll join us this fall and experience a LifeGroup in your community! For more information visit

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About LifeGroups

Stay connected to Lakewood during the week. Whether it’s hiking, serving the community, singleness or bible study; connect with a LifeGroup that shares your interest. Most groups consist of 5 to 15 people and meet in homes and public places all over Houston. Find a LifeGroup in your area by clicking on the map below.


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