More Than a Career More Than a Career

At Lakewood we believe we're called to a higher purpose. At Lakewood we believe we’re called to a higher purpose.

Lakewood Church is a special place, where technology and talent meet to bring God’s message of hope and deliverance to a world in need. Whether it’s television or websites, sanctuary services or mobile apps, Lakewood is making a huge impact on the world for Christ. As a member of the Lakewood family, you’ll see dreams realized and lives fulfilled. Come find your purpose as part of an organization where success is measured in changed lives, and there’s meaning beyond a simple paycheck.

Find excellence. Find innovation. Find satisfaction. Find community. Find more than a career at Lakewood Church.

Faces of Lakewood Faces of Lakewood

  • Brian McGill

    Director of Information Technologies

    Brian thrived in the competitive world of IT, but a call to ministry left him wanting more. Lakewood puts him at the forefront of enterprise class innovation, where the bottom line isn’t measured in dollars, but in eternally impacted lives. Instead of typical workplace competition, his team works together for a common purpose — to bring spiritual value to the world. He found meaning.

  • Lisa Ward

    Project Manager

    Working with one of the best architect firms in the country, Lisa was passionate about her work but not her workplace. Now her environment feels like family and a second home where she happily makes a difference with others as equally passionate and driven. She found serenity.

  • Jerry Cooley

    Creative Director

    After years of working in television and ad production companies, Jerry settled in Houston, TX at Lakewood Church. What he found was something different than he had at other businesses. He found a group of people who care about his quality of work and his quality of life. He found a group interested in his spiritual well being. He found a family.

  • Dino Brogna

    Senior Producer, Broadcast

    As a television producer Dino Brogna knows how to burn the midnight oil and complete a project on time. But it’s not the better pace of life that keeps him steady at Lakewood. He finds peace in knowing that what he’s producing is not just a quality program, but something that is genuinely affecting change in the lives of millions of people around the world. This sense of purpose is what keeps Dino going now. He found fulfillment at Lakewood Church.

  • Justin Brown

    Senior Graphic Designer

    Justin’s life as an animator at a Television production company paid the bills, but he felt there was a higher calling placed on his gifts and abilities. Now his work is viewed by millions of people around the world promoting the kingdom of God. He found a creative outlet that allows for his talents to shine while bringing hope to those who need it most... He found purpose.

Cathy Garcia
Events Coordinator

Lakewood Cares Lakewood Cares

Employer paid medical & dental benefits
Employer paid short & long term disability
403 (b) (9) Retirement Plan
Complimentary on-site Child Care
Paid Time Off
Life and AD&D Insurance
Complimentary CD copies of sermons and messages
Bookstore discount

Find what you're looking for. Find what you’re looking for.

Current career opportunities

Patrice Trainer
Human Resources Department

Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit my application and resume in person?

No. We require applications to be completed online at our website,

Will I be contacted if I am not selected for an interview?

Yes. You will receive an email from us in the event you are not selected for an interview.

I interviewed several weeks ago and I still haven’t heard anything back yet. Am I still being considered for the positions?

Typically candidates are not contacted until after our interviewing process for all considered candidates is completed. Once a final decision has been made you will be notified by our Human Resources Department.

I had a phone interview, when will I be scheduled for an interview?

If you had a phone interview but haven’t heard from us since, we are still in the prescreening phase of the hiring process, you will be contacted by the Human Resources Department if you are selected for an interview.

Do I have to attend Lakewood Church in order to work there?

Yes. We require all employees to attend Lakewood Church during the weekly service. We find it helps our employees stay connected to the mission and heart of the organization.

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