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Calling Anyone With A Dream

 | by Joel Malm

Thursday, October 23, 2014
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Every Monday night, people from all walks of life show up and learn what it takes to succeed. Not just in business, but in life. There are people in our class who own companies, people who work 9-5, people who want to start a unique ministry and even people who are currently searching for a job! 

God put principles in place in this world that if we can tap into them will guarantee our growth and success. Just like gravity, they work all the time. You can work against them or you can let them work in your favor and see amazing things happen. These are the principles we teach. And everyone can benefit from them.

Have a dream to start a ministry? Want a clearer vision for your life? Have a dream but think it’s impossible? We cover all this and more at Lakewood Business Ministry.

Come on out on Monday nights at 7pm and explore your unique calling and how you can be a success in whatever you do. Everyone is welcome.

Joel Malm is a teacher in the Business Ministry. 


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