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Answering The Call - Joyce Kahleh

 | by Lakewood Missions

Friday, February 9, 2018
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As our Lakewood Missions Director, Joyce Kahleh has been on the forefront of local and international outreach for over 16 years. She went on her first missions trip as a teenager with the Lakewood Youth under the leadership of Pastor John Osteen who had a heart to "Reach the unreached and tell the untold".

We had a question and answer session with Joyce during which she shared her experience about mission trips and the impact it has had on her life.

Q: How has mission work changed your life?

A: "Missions has given me a different perspective of the world and how people from different cultures are beautiful and hungry for the goodness of God".

Q: It's easy to to feel overwhelmed when we think about the amount of people in the world and even here in Houston who are in need.  Most people have thought at one point or another, "the needs are so great and I'm just one person. What difference could I possibly make? I wouldn't even know where to start". What are some of the ways people can get involved?

A: There are opportunities to get started right here in our own community. Registration is open for our next HoUSton Rebuild Trip, April 16-20th. Our teams will help rebuild homes damaged by Hurricane Harvey. There are also opportunities to serve the homeless through our partnership with the Beacon Center and the Houston Food Bank.

Q: There are times when people cannot go on mission trips to due day to day obligations. Why should people consider supporting missions through financial giving as an alternative way to help?

A: Their gift can help someone else go and sow a seed into the ministries working among the nations. Even a little bit goes a long way in other countries towards meeting needs and providing resources.

Q: Why should someone consider a short term or long term mission's trip?

A: Jesus did say go into all the world…. Even if someone goes one time on a short term mission trip it changes their perspective on the world and gives them a heart of compassion.  If they feel the call for long term, their obedience will never be disappointed.

Q: What keeps you passionate about missions after all your years of service?

A: Hearing the cries for help from people all over the world. Seeing their hunger to know God and how receptive they are to the message of hope and life. People have told me that their life was saved from one message from the Bible that gave them the hope to keep going".

Q: What mission project is up next for you?

A: Every February for the last few years, Paul Osteen, M.D. has hosted a Medical Mission Conference called M3 that brings the Healthcare Professional, med students, church and anyone with a heart to make a difference. There are over 90 ministries and organizations they can connect with for a short term trip using their skills or to come along as a support team.   


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