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A Harvey Story: Rosie Gallardo

 | by Lakewood Church

Wednesday, January 10, 2018
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No one wants to see their beloved home destroyed by storm waters. It's especially hard when a home is more than just a house, it's a memorial stone for a mother who has gone to heaven. Rosie Gallardo's home is just that, and it was filled with reminders of 102 years of life well lived.

Rosie has attended Lakewood for over thirty years and has volunteered as a prayer partner since 1983. In 2003, she quit her job to take care of her ill mother until she passed away. When Harvey hit, everything in her home was completely ruined.

"I lost everything. I even lost my Bible. The only clothes I had were the clothes I brought to my sister's. At least I have my mother's pictures and were able to save them." She said of the dreadful event.

Not only did she lose her house to Harvey, but her beloved mother had passed away in January, so the hurricane only added to her devastating losses in 2017. Single and without a job, Rosie felt hopeless, but relied on the supernatural hope of God. Once Lakewood's Harvey recovery team was made aware of her situation, they worked to start the recovery process.

The initial inspection revealed a disastrous prognosis; the house was infected with termites. But it grew worse. The 80-year-old foundation was completely shot, so the standard rebuild process of gutting the home, then bringing in new sheetrock, wouldn't work. But there was hope! In December, the seven-person mission team from a partner church in Belize helped install a new support beam. The home was then secure enough for the team to take out all the sheetrock, including ceilings, and to put in new sheetrock. Dave and Joyce Kimble of Virginia came to Houston to volunteer and help out as well. They helped replace the support beam and installed over 100 2x4s to help rebuild her home.

Rosie's house is now saved and the memory of her mother will live on in the home they shared together for 44 years. But Lakewood isn't finished. We are still working hard on restoring Rosie's home. Our teams are finalizing the rebuild by finishing the kitchen, bathroom and ceiling.

We are so thankful for the volunteer efforts of our rebuild team! Because of our volunteers and faithful donors, God has used Lakewood as a vessel to help rebuild people's homes and lives. As a church, we're anchoring them to the hope of Christ and helping to demonstrate His provision for His people. If you would like to help finish this project or be a part of helping others in similar situations, reach out to [email protected] and we will find a place for you.


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