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Update: Rebuilding Homes

 | by Paul Osteen, M.D.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017
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We want to extend our sincerest thanks for the overwhelming outpouring of love, prayer, support, labor, supplies and so much more.  As of today,  our team has "gutted" 570 homes and the rebuilding phase is now beginning.  We have repaired 7 homes and have hundreds on the potential list for help in rebuilding.  We especially need help with our rebuilding effort  (sheetrock, tile, carpeting, cabinets, electrical, plumbing and painting). If you'd like to volunteer with us click here.
When Hurricane Harvey made landfall as a Category 4 hurricane late on August 25, no one expected it to stall over our area for four more days.  Houston and the surrounding areas recorded 51 inches of rainfall during this period of time.   One report said this is the equivalent of the water that flows over Niagara Falls for 15 days non-stop.  Needless to say, Houston has suffered great damage.  The latest numbers are 113,000 homes and 750,000 cars have been flooded.  To give you a comparison, Tropical Storm Allison, which was so devastating to Houston many years ago, flooded only 2700 homes.

That said, we believe that this is an incredible time for us as the Church of Jesus Christ to "be a sermon", to be the hands and feet of Jesus to reach out to our hurting friends and neighbors here in Houston.  We firmly believe that a "harvest" will follow Harvey, that somehow, someway, God will work this together for His good in our city.

We appreciate all you do for Jesus and His Kingdom.  We love you and pray for you.

Our best days are ahead.


Paul Osteen, M.D.


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