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Seeds of Hope

 | by Local Missions

Friday, September 22, 2017
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In the weeks since Hurricane Harvey, we have seen an outpouring of volunteers rise up to help our neighbors and our city recover. Many of them are long-time Lakewood members like Robert, who has been a part of Lakewood Church since 1990. As soon as he heard the call go out on radio that volunteers were needed, Robert was ready to lend a helping hand, just as he had done in the after-math of Hurricane Allison.

Devyn and Julian serve as leaders in the Lakewood Young Adult ministry. They are dedicating their time to help rebuild homes and distribute supplies. Devyn found herself in a very similar situation after Hurricane Katrina. "I remember how I felt when I lost everything. I want to be there for people who are going through what I went through now. I want them to know that I understand. I am a living testimony of how God can take your worst situation, breathe on it and leave you better then you were before." 

Robert, Devyn, and Julian are just three examples of our amazing volunteers who are spreading hope to some of the most devastated homes and neighborhoods.  We know there are months and months of rebuilding ahead and we are here for the long haul.  

If you'd like to join us in bringing hope to our city you can click here to become a volunteer. We're also excited to announce Team Volunteer opportunities and you can click here for more information.  Thank you to our volunteers who are planting seeds of hope and changing lives.


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