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Passion Reignited

 | by McKenzie Phipps

Monday, July 10, 2017
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My very first mission trip was to the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco. I went in thinking I was going to help the city and the people there but I ended up leaving with the realization that the residents of the Tenderloin helped me instead. We got to do things like serving meals and delivering meals to homes in that area. As part of the street ministry, we got to talk with and pray for the residents.

This trip opened my eyes to get to see the way God loves his children. Going into this trip I had limited my viewpoint of ministry to what I saw take place within the four walls of our church. I even felt kind of desensitized to people in general. 

I went in knowing that, as followers of Jesus, we can't stay in our comfort zone and risk losing our love for people because our calling is to love people. I prayed and prayed, asking God to reignite that passion in my heart for His people, and He did, through the residents of the Tenderloin.

Now, I can see how God's heart must break at the sight of his children, (whether in the four walls of a church, in Africa, or on the streets), being so broken and lost. When you see what God's heart and hands reach out for, the hurting and the lost, it's hard to be casual with how you show love to others and it makes you want to serve His kingdom all the more.


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