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Same Story, New Chapter - Pastor Nick

 | by Lakewood Young Adults

Sunday, January 1, 2017
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Key Verses:

• Psalm 65:11

• 2 Kings 3: 15-20

Key Thoughts:

• Don't look back and feed your history, look forward and feed your destiny.

• In 2 Kings 3, the valley had been dry for years. God had promised an abundance of water, but there was no sign of it. He told them to dig trenches, which seemed absurd to them since the land was dry and barren. They obeyed and suddenly, there was an abundance of water the next morning. Believing God and exercising active faith will cause you to receive a breakthrough where others are not.

  •  Let God be original and creative in the way He does things in your life.
  •  Hold to His promise tightly and your plans loosely.

Key Points:

  • God will work a miracle that will require you to do something, which may be unusual.
  • Your calling is connected to community - you are only as strong as the people who you are attached to.


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