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 | by Aimee Beard

Wednesday, July 1, 2015
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Have you ever experienced resistance in your life?   Tell me if this situation sounds familiar to you.

   It's Sunday morning and the family is rushing around the house trying to get ready.  Little brother and big brother are arguing about everything as Dad realizes he can't find the car keys.  In this moment the thought comes to mind, maybe we should just stay home. 

Even though everyone's clothes were laid out the night before and crock-pot oatmeal was preemptively prepared, The idea of leaving the house on time to get to church simply feels overwhelming. 

I don't know if you can relate to that type of resistance but I absolutely can!  As a parent of 3 boys even little things such as playing at our favorite park can be met with resistance.  I know we will have fun and the boys really want to go but getting everyone to move at the same speed can sometimes be challenging.  What I have learned is that anything worth doing can have resistance attached to it.  Resistance is a word that I know many of us hate to hear or feel for that matter.  If you really think about it resistance is a way of helping us build our faith and endurance, so that we can achieve all we are meant to achieve.  

When we workout our bodies we use resistance to build our muscles and improve our stamina so that we can be healthy and fit.  In this same way, we can use situations of resistance to build a healthy trusting relationship with God.  If we know that what we are doing is good for us then when we are met with resistance we can easily push past it because there is a great reward on the other side. 

When you determine to make it to church no matter what, your faith muscles begin to grow and strengthen.  Its completely fine that little brother decided to wear his favorite super hero cape to church, the win is that you didn't give up! You made it and God will us it to help you throughout your week. 

A way my family has been able to move passed this is by serving.  We all serve in different areas of ministry here at the church.  Yes, even the kids! I have found that giving them a place to serve has also given them a sense of responsibility to be on time and bring their best.  Just knowing that others are relying on us has been an instrumental tool in helping our family overcome resistance.  Although resistance may come, we use it to remind each other that we are building strong faith muscles. 

So the next time you lose your keys, have a cape wearing child, forget to fix breakfast, and maybe leave a little later you wanted to remember that you will be stronger on the other side. The win is that you didn't give up!! You made it and God will use it!


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