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A Divinely-Orchestrated Metamorphosis

 | by Foelesia Charles

Thursday, May 7, 2015
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Ever took time to really think about the process a caterpillar goes through? Sometimes I wonder: if caterpillars could talk, how would they explain the stage of development where the cocoon begins to form around their bodies? How would they say they felt as the cocoon slowly crept up, causing their view of what was always normal to be distorted and unclear?  

I can't ask those questions without also asking, what would the butterfly say? I would like to think that the butterfly's view would be perceptively different. The butterfly would view it as one who went through the process and came out on the other side with wings, displaying their wings that no one could take because they had earned them. 

A divinely-orchestrated metamorphosis is a term I came up with to describe a season of your life where the potential of growth is limitless. A season where God can put His hands to the clay and mold you into something that will blow your mind; a season where giving up is never an option because your transformation is written in stone and your success in God is inevitable. We have all experienced those times in our lives where our desire for growing in God is the first thing on our minds in the morning and the last thing on our minds at night. This should be a sign that the beginning of your journey is divinely orchestrated by the Creator Himself. If you allow the process to take place, you will come out on the other side flying higher than you ever thought you could. 

The caterpillar does not jump out of the cocoon before the process is complete nor does the clay jump out of the potter's hands before it becomes a masterpiece. If we had told the caterpillar that he would have wings before the end of his process, would he have seen the process differently? In the internship you are bound to face challenges, but they are challenges that are divinely set in place to take you from a caterpillar to a butterfly. It's an amazing feeling when you break forth as something incredibly and divinely processed. This can happen for you if you stick with it.  If you allow the process to take place, you will come out on the other side flying.  

One of the reasons I am so passionate about encouraging you to stick with it, is because I was the one who almost gave up. The demands of life took a toll on me and I thought I didn't have the strength to push through. However, after I graduated, I understood that every step and every day, in every way was setting me up for my metamorphosis. I experienced growth in ways I never thought I could, and I grew in places where I thought no growth was needed. While going through the Internship I didn't always see the divinely-orchestrated metamorphosis, but after I graduated my life was changed forever. Here's to seeing your metamorphosis, too!


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