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We are reaching the world for Christ with a message of hope and salvation. 

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Lakewood Missions is reaching around the world with the message of Hope and Compassion of Jesus Christ through International Television and Media and City Tours as well as forming, training and sending evangelistic, humanitarian and medical Missions Teams to assist people in need.


Our Faithful God Answers Prayers

International Missions | by Debra Hudson

Thursday, November 20, 2014



I served on the Lakewood Medical Mission trip which consisted of 8 Lakewood missionaries and the Serve International Ministries team.  As a unified team we provided evangelism, children ministry and medical services to communities in Kakamega, Kenya.

Evangelism was a key component to the Medical Camp Outreach and the area where I served.  While waiting to be processed and medically treated, groups of individuals, were ministered the Word of God and His love for them.  Many requested one-on-one prayer for salvation, forgiveness, unsaved family members, employment, health needs (mental, emotional and physical), finances, strength, spouses, future spouses, addictions, protection, spiritual warfare (Pastor and ministry under attack), wisdom and mercy.  On the first day of the camp, approximately 50 individuals were prayed for one-on-one and half of them accepted Christ as Lord and Savior.

In our final days of the Medical Camp Outreach, individuals with special needs and couples were brought in for prayer and counseling.  God did some amazing things!  I recall praying for and laying hands on a little boy who suffered with convulsions and seizures.  He had not attended school in two years.  The other children were afraid of him, as his demeanor and behavior was wild and uncivilized. 

He entered the prayer station running and jumping all around, totally out of control.  In order to pray for him, he was seated in a chair.  Our faithful translator Margaret, his father & I gathered around him.  We laid hands on him as I prayed and believed God to bind the spirit of infirmity over his life and loose the gift of healing, wholeness and restoration.  We could see the calm and peace spreading through his body as he slowly calmed down and sat quietly.  This little boy left a different person!  He came in running and jumping around uncontrollably, but he left calmly walking hand in hand with his father.  We witnessed God’s miracle working power manifested in this young boy’s life.  Praise be to God!


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