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Lakewood Missions is reaching around the world with the message of Hope and Compassion of Jesus Christ through International Television and Media and City Tours as well as forming, training and sending evangelistic, humanitarian and medical Missions Teams to assist people in need.


Imparting Hope, Changing Lives

International Missions | by Elier Rodriguez

Wednesday, April 23, 2014



Many of us feel the heaviness of reality, as we read, watch, and explore today's world news. The magnitude of it all can leave us both immobilized and wondering, 'Where do I even start?” I experienced these thoughts and questions myself, as our plane made its way to El Salvador. The purpose of our Trip with World Vision was to experience and understand how they are impacting communities through their child sponsorship program and various other programs.

The beauty in all of this is in the leaders who are being developed and empowered to lead their community! No one better understands life from their perspective than those who are in the mix every day. They use what they have and with what they have, they find ways to work, cook, clean, and connect with each other.  While we visited a nutrition club we met  Luisa de Jesus, a volunteer, that radiated with a smile as she showed us how to make tortillas. At that moment I experienced the mission of World Vision first-hand . 'Teaching a man to fish versus handing him the fish”

It's astounding how much work and effort it takes for a community to escape from the grip of poverty. As we handed out backpacks and supplies to the children of a local school, we could see hope shine through their wide smiles and black-pearled eyes more than ever!  The joy and gratefulness they expressed moved my heart and made this statement very clear - hope is medicine to a hurting world, hurting community and hurting family.

As we respond to their needs they will respond with greater hope for another day, another hour, another minute, and for the generations to come.


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