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Young at Heart Senior Ministry

Lakewood Church | by Joel and Victoria Osteen

Friday, February 27, 2015
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Scripture tells us that when we put our hope in the Lord, He renews our strength and restores our youth! The best way to stay youthful and young at heart is first by trusting in God, and next, get around people of faith and have fun a Christ-centered setting! That's what the Young At Heart Senior Ministry is all about! They have monthly fellowships that include a catered lunch followed by a program of live music, skits, small groups, and relevant teaching. Also, monthly bus trips and one-day excursions are a great way to make new friends; as well as annual seminars and workshops on topics such as Diet and Exercise, Heart Health, Building Healthy Relationships, Managing Stress, and Financial Tips for Seniors, Basic Computer Skills, Flower Arranging, Gardening, and Photography.

Coming up March 14, you won't want to miss the Young at Heart Rodeo Round Up! Grab your boots and hat and enjoy this barbecue lunch, talent show, and fellowship. Click here for more information on this event and other opportunities to be a part of the Young at Heart Seniors Ministry!

Please know we love you and pray for you every day. We believe this year is your due season of harvest! God promises to reward the people who seek after Him so stay faithful, stay hopeful because your due season is here!

Joel and Victoria Osteen


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